Special Blues Harmonica Set

Set with harmonica and method
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Cascha Special Blues Harmonica The ideal instrument for traveling: The harmonica is small,... mehr
Cascha Special Blues Harmonica
  • 10-hole blues harmonica with premium phosphor bronze reedplates
  • Very good sound characteristics
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced users
  • Tuning: C major diatonic
  • Incl. plastic case and cleaning cloth

Harmonica: Learn to play - quick and easy (incl. MP3-CD)
  • Basics and playing techniques
  • Play many songs in just a short time
  • Playing melodies without reading notes
  • With great play-alongs
  • Ideal for beginners
  • With lots of photos

Cascha Special Blues Harmonica
The ideal instrument for traveling: The harmonica is small, handy and easy to learn. In blues, jazz, country, pop or rock - the harmonica is used in various genres. The Special Blues Harmonica by CASCHA not only convinces with its classic blues harmonica look. The high-quality workmanship and the premium phosphor bronze reedplates ensure a balanced sound that immediately convinces beginners and advanced players. The CASCHA Special Blues Harmonica is tuned in C major and unfolds its full potential in combination with other instruments such as acoustic guitars. After playing, the harmonica can easily be stored in the included plastic case.

Harmonica: Learn to play - quick and easy (incl. MP3-CD)
You can quickly start playing the first songs on your harmonica with this course. The combination of instructional book and MP3 CD offers every beginner the perfect introduction. The most important basics are explained concisely and simply. Then you can start playing! The ability to read sheet music is not necessary, everything you need is additionally represented with simple symbols. On the accompanying CD all exercises and songs are included. There are great playback songs in two versions: with the harmonica playing first as an example, then without harmonica, so you can play along. This way you can listen to everything carefully and then play with accompaniment. It makes harmonica playing fun!

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