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Cascha - Musikinstrumente und Zubehör
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Trumpet Fox Volume 2 (incl. CD) Trumpet Fox Volume 2 (incl. CD)
The ingenious and funny Trumpet School

Volume 2 carries on the methodical and didactic line established in volume 1while ensuring that learning is fun! Continual progess is very important here, as are the development of various different musical and stylistic capabilities. Well-known songs and duets help improve embouchure, playing technique and general musicality. The...
19,90 € *
Cajon Method (incl. CD + DVD) Cajon Method (incl. CD + DVD)
The quick and easy way to learn cajon

Martin Röttger is regarded as one of the finest cajon players in Europe. With his great new cajon method you can begin playing your first grooves on your own cajon within 10 minutes. The combination of instructional book, audio CD and DVD offers every beginner the perfect introduction to playing this amazing instrument. The newly...
24,90 € *
Trumpet Fox Volume 1 (incl. CD) Trumpet Fox Volume 1 (incl. CD)
The ingenious and funny Trumpet School

Step by step, beginners learn how to play the trumpet joyfully and with enthusiasm. Many new, but also approved methodical processes are elaborated into this book. Within the last years, Trumpet Fox became one of the most successful tutorial books. The complete school comprises of 3 volumes and is ideal for both, individual or class...
19,90 € *
Trumpet Fox Volume 3 Trumpet Fox Volume 3
The ingenious and funny Trumpet School

Trumpet Fox Volume 3 is intended to help the advanced student take the step from music school standard up to the level of literature used in professional studies. This volume is also very well-suited as preparation for competitions or a course of studies. Although it builds on the basis of the first two books in the series, it can...
19,90 € *
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