Handpan Learning by Playing

Understand & Comprehend • Deepen & Refine • Discover & Create
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This method book is a declaration of love to one of the most fascinating musical instruments of... mehr
  • Autor/Komponist: Cora Krötz
  • Besetzung: Handpan
  • Seitenanzahl: 104
  • Format: DIN A4, Klebebindung

This method book is a declaration of love to one of the most fascinating musical instruments of our time. The handpan combines rhythm and melody in both a simple and a complex way. Thus, it allows – with or without musical prerequisites – a fast, intuitive approach to making music and can lead directly to individual, creative expression. A wealth of information and numerous exercises, rhythmic structures, hand setting techniques, ideas for playing, and valuable assistance for the inner attitude during practice all serve the goal of achieving an authentic and joyful way of making music and finding your own creativity.

This method book is for all handpan players:
→ beginners and advanced students
→ music amateurs and professionals
→ right-handed, left-handed, and ambidextrous players
→ visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner types
This book is applicable to all handpan tunings and any number of tones and can be applied to related instruments.

The sheet music examples are especially designed for handpan playing and can be understood without knowing how to read music in the classical sense. In addition, the examples are presented in online video tutorials by the author (linked via QR codes / web links). This method book is a valuable companion and impetus when it comes to getting into playing handpan, discovering and acquiring new options for playing, as well as creating your own pieces.

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